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Income TaxesAt C-JAXN, one of our primary missions is to bring affordable income tax preparation reviewed by a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to everyone. This is based on the firm belief that the big box tax preparation firms and CPAs have in essence exploited the common man’s fear and loathing of taxes and the IRS to enable them to assess excessive tax preparation fees. Ask yourself this; why do these businesses typically not have set, published rates? Why is the fee preparation calculation a “black box” that at times seems based as much as what they think they can get away with as any kind of set business plan?

Tax preparation is a service like anything else and any competent firm knows going in how much time a return is going to take, and thus what a fair price would be. Our years of experience and developed processes have put us in a unique position to provide excellent and efficient tax preparation services at a reasonable price.

Reasonable, Set Rates:

  • $275 for married couple with W-2 income and itemized deductions
  • $200 for married couple who does not itemize
  • $250 for single individual with W-2 income and itemized deductions
  • $175 for single individual who does not itemize
  • Add $115 to all rates if self-employed and records are in good order
  • $715 for business returns if records are in good order
  • $275 for trust tax returns
  • Public Servant Discount; 10% discount for all public servant occupations, including educators, policemen, firemen, nurses, paramedics, military, pastors, and church staff


  • Bookkeeping services start as a very reasonable $55 per hour. This is by design an affordable solution to enable the small business the resources and time to grow to a large business


Monthly Service Fees;

    • A one-time set-up fee of $250
    • Payroll services start at $135 per month.
    • Add $5.00 per month for each employee over 10. For example, a company with 15 employees would pay $150 per month

Annual W-2 and 1099 Preparation;

    • $100 per year plus $5 per employee for year-end W-2 and 1099 preparation. For example, a company with 10 employees would pay an annual fee of $150

Business Consulting Services

    • $105 per hour for projects estimated at 5 hours or less
    • Volume discounts apply to projects estimated over 5 hours. Time can be pre-purchased on an annual basis and projects combined. For example, if you believe you will need over 25 hours of total support over a 12 month period, you can pre-pay for the first 25 hours with $1,750 up front (a value of $70 per hour plus locks in the $50 per hour after that is used up):
      • 6 to 10 hours; $90 per hour
      • 11 to 15 hours; $85 per hour
      • 15 to 20 hours; $80 per hour
      • 20 to 25 hours; $75 per hour
      • 25 hours or more; $1,750 base fee for first 25 hours plus $50 per hour after that