Rule Number Three to Starting a Business; Have a Plan

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Rule Number Three to Starting a Business; Have a plan. Have a company objective. Have operating procedures in place. Treat yourself like a real business from the very beginning. You can only get by on your incredible awesomeness, good looks, and general suaveness for so long. At some point, although it may not show up right away, you will not be able to grow your endeavor into a real business without having a strong infrastructure in place. It is incredible how many people just jump into working for themselves literally without a net to catch them. And a lot of times it works…..for a while. But even while it is seemingly working, the dirty secret is that those people don’t have a business, rather they have just succeeded in creating a job for themselves. The reason it works at first is because people tend to jump off into things they are good at, so they are successful as long as it is just them doing the work. However, as soon as business gets to the point where there needs to be honest to goodness real employees in place cracks start to appear in the foundation. Or at least they would if there was a foundation. A lot of times there is not. The “business” is just a sand castle waiting to be washed away by the tide of rising business and customer expectations.