Self-Employment; Awesome Freedom, Income, & Purpose or The Sucking Whirlpool of Despair?

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When I was younger and in my more…uh……carefree…days, I would sit at my cushy (or at least what I now realize was a ridiculously undemanding) corporate job and daydream of winning the lottery. However, unlike the stereotypical daydream, I wasn’t going to quit my job in some spectacular rage against The Man. No, I was not going to storm into my bosses office and throw my inbox pile into his fat cat corporate face, jump on his desk and do the river dance while shouting a laundry list of his transgressions and failures as a leader and as a human being in general. No, that would not do. Rather, there would be more of a slow burn to my rage against the machine. I would not tell anyone. Not a soul would know of my windfall and newfound financial freedom. I would not quit my job, at least not officially. What I would do is quit working and see how long it would take anyone to discover my new found purpose as a corporate leech. What a perfect “protest” against the soulless, purposeless, corporate machine. Now, there would be SOME work to keeping up the charade. The key would be to LOOK busy every once in while. Fire off an email or phone call to the boss at 10PM, arrive early, leave late (but skip out and catch a matinee in the afternoon when no one would notice), walk around the office very quickly with some paper in my hand, looking at it like it was a quite urgent piece of business, things of that nature. EXTRA TIP/REMINDER; Change the paper every once in a while. If it faded and turned yellow, people would eventually get wise to the ruse.

Anyway, like I said, I was younger and a little more carefree in those days. Youth is wasted on the young as they say. What is the purpose to all of this you might ask. At the root of my feelings of lack of purpose in the corporate world was a feeling that I was just a cog in the wheel, that I could literally stop doing my job and it would not have an impact on anything. That is no way to spend the limited time we have on this Earth. In the coming days and months in this space, we will continue to take a trip down memory lane to how I ended up where I am now, and at the same time hopefully impart some wisdom that will assist all of my self-employed and business owner friends and clients make the most of the awesome opportunity we all have to make a difference in this world through our business dealings every day.