Summer Hours

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At my final corporate job they had something they called “summer hours”. The idea was that in the summer months, if you worked extra during the week and got everything done that you needed, you could take off at noon on Fridays and do what you please. Now, keep in mind I was a salaried employee, so the fact that there was even a “punch the clock” mentality was and is ridiculous. That concept is just another corporate cultural invention by The Man to keep the worker down. Ahhh, but that is another subject for another day. The point here is that they had this thing called summer hours which on the surface was an awesome, employee friendly idea. Believe me, I took advantage. At 12:01PM every Friday I was hitting the door running and heading straight to the golf course. It was great.
However, after a while, I noticed no one else was hitting the door with me. I also noticed my boss had a tendency to look at his watch and shake his head when he saw me heading out. What was the deal? Had someone been killed once in a tragic summer hours accident and now everyone was scared to leave or to even speak of the event? Was the corporation secretly a cult in which no employees/members were ever allowed to leave once they entered the building? Was I caught in the plot of a bad B movie? Well, it was a cult of sort. The corporate CULTure (see what I did there? pretty clever, huh?) where hours worked and appearances meant more than actual work output and results. The place where good cult members that worked extra hours were placed in line for promotions without regard to actual contribution to the bottom line. See the previous section on my plan to work at a corporation without really working. THIS zombie work culture where hours are being counted is exactly what makes the “no work plan” even a conceivable idea.
Now, the funny thing is, now that I am a business owner and work for myself and constantly interact with other business owners, it is amazing to experience and see how easy it is to slip into the idea that somehow hours worked equals results. You find yourself always wanting to work on your business, because time is money after all. A ridiculous phrase if you really stop to think about it. Next time you are at the restaurant try paying for your meal with a watch or even a issue of Time Magazine (does that even exist anymore?). You will be washing dishes in a flash (and has this scenario ever ACTUALLY occurred. Have you EVER talked to anyone who has or knew someone who has washed dishes to pay for a meal?)
The point to all of this? Time is not money. Time is life. As a business owner, you have to schedule in your own summer hours. Take planned time off. You are your own boss. Don’t become the jerk boss that is looking at your watch and shaking your head. Be the cool boss that is heading to the golf course with the employees.